Fire Door Surveys

What is a fire door survey?

A fire door survey establishes the condition and suitability of a fire door, whilst also providing context and risk ratings based upon the implications of any failures of doors on the general fire safety of a building.

Why are these inspections important?

Fire doors are an integral part of fire safety and protection measures for any building, as they are present to contain fires to a particular area, giving people time to move or escape and avoiding smoke and fire from the affected risk area.

However as functional elements, fire doors are also used very regularly, making them susceptible to regular wear and tear and damage. Over time this will compromise the quality of fire protection they provide. Therefore inspections, surveys, and remediation are important to ensure the buildings are compliant with fire safety regulations and the fire doors are effective as they need to be.

How are fire door surveys done?

We’ll examine elements such as:

  • Does the fire door have the correct rating for its location?
  • Is it fitted properly to maintain the buildings fire compartmentation?
  • Is it damaged in any way that reduces its performance in the event of a fire?
  • Does it have the correct intumescent strips?
  • Does it have the correct hardware and closers, and do they all function correctly?
  • Is properly identified on both the door signage and in the building’s asset register?
  • Does it have the correct type of glazing and has it been fitted properly?

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