Schools, colleges and universities not only demand healthy, inspiring employees to drive our next generation.  They also have a duty of care to these students.

Fire safety management is a key concern across the education sector, where there are buildings of varying conditions, ages and types of construction. Specialist knowledge of these different and technical know-how is imperative when it comes to considering the varying challenges posed by each building.  At Inspectas Fire Safety, we have that knowledge.

Our experience of working in the education sector means we also understand the sensitivities that arise from working within a facility used for teaching. Accordingly our services are carried out very discreetly, without causing any undue attention or alarm.

We’re proud to say that go the extra mile to ensure the fire safety of education buildings today and into the future with minimal disruption to their operation today.  They ways we do this include:

  • flexibility to work outside of normal working hours
  • short notice or emergency call-out services
  • presentable, professional and friendly staff
  • fully DBS-checked assessors

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