Multi Premise Landlords

As a landlord there are a number of legal obligations you need to comply with to make sure your rental property is safe. In the event that there is a fire and you have not provided suitable fire safe accommodation, legal action can be taken against you.

Quite obviously, fires poses a significant risk to the safety of your tenants. In fact, the risks of experiencing a fire are seven times higher for people who live in rented or shared accommodation.

It is therefore extremely important for landlords to take fire safety very seriously. 

But don’t worry – we’re here to show the way.

Most common fire safety issues can be sorted out relatively quickly and easily with the support of our qualified fire assessors. consultants like us have been specially trained to handle this potentially lethal substance safely.

As domestic fire consultants, we’ve helped hundreds of people protect themselves and their families from the risks of fire. Our friendly, professional colleagues will check your properties, recommend what needs to be done (if anything at all) and organise for it all to be sorted out for you. All with minimum fuss, and at a competitive price.

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