Industrial settings such as factories and warehouses are often considered to be high risk in respect of fire safety, principally due to the frequent presence of flammable materials, fuel sources and oxygen supplies – not to mention the electrical or other machinery that may develop faults and contribute to a fire.


With our expertise – and supported by interactive tools such as our sophisticated Fire Safety Client Portal –  we will make this process simple.

We’ll assess your current risks and advise you on what needs to be done.

Once we’ve completed this work, we’ll stay right by your side to keep you on track, continuing to protect your people, your buildings and and your business.

At Inspectas we have vast experience of working in industrial settings and protecting clients who operate in this most demanding of environments.

Whether it’s live machinery, heavy equipment, chemicals and gases – or all of these and more – we understand the unique risks of the sector and we are well equipped to deal with the challenges they present.

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